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Hoover Nutrition LLC services include: 

Private Nutrition Counseling

Health Coaching and Accountability

Customized Meal Plans

Virtual Pantry Makeover

Health & Wellness Fairs

Corporate Nutrition Classes

Lunch n Learn Seminars

Grocery Store Guidance

Meal Prep and Meal planning guidance

Cooking Demonstrations


"Katie is knowledgeable without being rigid, compassionate without being wimpy, and patient without being lackadaisical. As an adult female with over 20 years of "body image baggage," I needed professional guidance to move forward. With Katie's help, I have found the best physical and mental health I can remember. In our sessions, she listened and provided information. We laughed. Sometimes I cried. Most importantly, we set eating goals with the focus changing over time as my needs changed. Katie helped me access my own strengths and coping strategies, and also provided valuable perspective on my experiences. I am grateful to have the tools I learned with her, as they allow me to take my attention off the eating disorder and redirect it to what is truly important: leading a meaningful, healthy life."

- M.W., Avon Lake, Ohio

"Have known Katie as a colleague and decided to seek her help for diet and nutrition advice. She is very knowledgeable, professional, reliable, flexible and understanding. She took the time with me to understand my needs in order to help me develop a customized plan that has been very helpful."

- C.K., Amherst, Ohio

"Katie is knowledgeable and creative. She developed a healthy wellness plan for our office. She provided resources for our staff. These were in a form of demonstrations, handouts and respected professionals."

- P. W., Wadsworth, Ohio

"It has been an amazing privilege to work with Katie for our clients to heal and recover from eating disorders. Katie is compassionate and diligent toward all that she does, and makes many sacrifices to ensure that our clients can experience the best recovery process possible. It requires infinite relentless patience to do what she does, and she accomplishes this amazing feat naturally and courageously."

- S. S., Cleveland, Ohio

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When you stop trying to control food, it stops controlling you.

You don't have to EAT LESS.

You just have to EAT RIGHT. 

Every time you eat is an opportunity to NOURISH YOUR BODY